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We are results-driven and focused on empowering our clients. We combine quality and visionary care with a down-to-earth approach

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GOOD LAW FIRM is a boutique, new era law firm dedicated to entrepreneurs, start-ups, businesses and investors, serving a wealth of UK and International clients across different sectors and industries.

We aim to be an exceptional and leading example for the legal profession, using simple but effective charging models.

Our firm is focused on delivering a hands-on experience, accompanied by sensibly affordable legal fees to assist early entrepreneurs alongside their growing journey.

As an organisation, we believe in delivering efficient professional services with a client-centric approach.

Our firm holds the values of respect, integrity, positivity and resilience in high regard. We deeply value our client relationships and place emphasis on learning and growing as professionals each day.

Legal Services In London

Our experts are experienced and knowledgeable in a wide range of areas, providing an approachable but executive service.

Thus, the nature of any matter does not hinder the level of professionalism served to you as our client. Our team work collaboratively to provide clients with comprehensive advice and the best possible outcome to their legal issues.

At GOOD LAW FIRM everything we do is client-centric and focused on adding value for you.

Our multilingual team has the knowledge and experience of a diverse range of languages. If you are uncomfortable speaking in English, we may be able to offer you a fee earner who can speak to you in your first language. The languages spoken at GOOD LAW FIRM include Arabic, Urdu and Punjabi.


Litigation can be a difficult and stressful process, but our experienced team of solicitors are here to ensure that the dispute resolution is handled with utmost efficiency and care.

Our highly skilled litigation solicitors bring a sense of calm to our clients, promising best course of action using congruent means.

We value our relationship with all out clients and aim to understand their needs and mediate the most appropriate method to solve their issues for their benefit – based on years of expertise and understanding.

Family Law

Family law is an emotionally sensitive topic, so when looking for experienced legal advisors to help with these matters, it’s important that they adopt an approach which is both sympathetic and professional.

Our team of family law solicitors understand this need, and strive to make the process as stress free, despair free, and trauma free as possible.

With their impressive attention to detail and a wealth of experience in dealing a range of family problems, you can be sure that our advisors will take care of things with ease.

Judicial Review

Judicial review is a vital process that serves to ensure the decisions of public bodies are reviewed and evaluated for fairness. At our firm, we provide comprehensive advice to individuals and business on matters related to these types of decisions.

Our team of experienced Judicial Review solicitors can assist with investigations on unlawful decisions and omissions by public bodies, as well as challenge the decisions made or criminal inspections.

We strive to help each client understand their rights under the law while also offering sound guidance regarding all relevant laws and regulations. Our priority is to deliver a reliable service and one-of-a-kind legal solutions that emphasizes successful outcomes.

Taxation Law

Our team of experienced and specialised tax solicitors are experts in the field. Tax is an extremely delicate and intricate area and our taxation lawyers have a comprehensive understanding of Tax law ensuring that our clients’ requirements are fully met.

We acknowledge that Tax codes are complicated and appreciate the importance of being able to translate complex terms into simplified, straightforward language; our Tax solicitors are great communicators who excel in this task.

Whether it’s income tax, corporate Tax, Capital Gains Tax, Tax Planning Advice or Off Shore Trusts advice; we guarantee that our Tax solicitors will help achieve the desired outcomes through their knowledgeable and adequate legal advice.

Corporate Law

Our team of expert corporate solicitors are equipped to assist companies of all sizes, ranging from start-ups to more established organisations.

We provide advice on the best Corporate structure for the company and help shareholders with dispute matters, as well as assisting with commercial negotiations quickly and at a cost-effective rate.

Our experienced solicitors specialise in Mergers and Acquisitions, providing tailored advice to aid with re-organisations, joint ventures, mergers and acquisitions, and private equity needs. Furthermore, we can also provide bespoke advice in Banking & Finance at competitive rates for borrowers, lenders and those requiring funding.

Finally, our Corporate solicitors are adept in Restructuring matters so clients can make informed decisions about their reconstructing options during periods of insolvency.

Property Law

Our property law solicitors are experienced in dealing with a variety of property matters. We cover everything from residential property transactions – purchase and sale, grant of lease and lease extensions – to commercial property sales, freehold enfranchisement, re-mortgages, transfer of part and auctions.

Whatever property transaction you wish to pursue, our team are proficient in taking care of the legal aspects for you. All issues will be handled thoughtfully and professionally by our solicitors who specialise in property law. Get in touch with us today, and we’ll be sure to help adequately support your property transaction.

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